Greek Easter – Pascha – is a wonderful opportunity to visit Skiathos Hotels Mystery and experience the spiritual atmosphere and the sacred rituals, as it is the most important celebration of Christianity. Easter week is the last week of April this year, meaning the weather is very pleasant neither cold or too hot. The nature is also blooming in spring, thus it is the perfect time for hiking or traveling around.

What is so special about Skiathos Easter Holidays is that they imply the monastery rituals of Mount Athos. Particularly, Good Friday is the most mournful day for all Christians. The faithful attend church with devoutness from early in the morning to decorate Epitaph with flowers. Τhe procession of the epitaph takes place at 4am on Holy Saturday through the narrow streets of Skiathos town, around the old port and the Bourtzi islet. At 05:30 the litany returns to the church and the faithful shout “Open the gates!”. The senior priest opens the gate of the church banging them hard and this action represents the descent of Jesus Christ to the Underworld. At dawn, people return home from church only to go back a few hours later for the First Resurrection service. The church’s bells are calling Christians to come and celebrate the victory of life over death by ringing in a joyous way.
Easter Sunday is the most festive day in Christianity full of joy and excitement. According to the tradition, lamb is prepared on the spit. The Easter table is set and people merrily rejoice, eat and drink with their family until late at night.