Skiathos is among the very verdant Greek Islands, owes its green look everywhere to the trees placed over the island. But, the most characteristic of Skiathos Island is its own impressive coastline. There are over 60 beaches with white or blue crystal waters. Also the history of the island and the hospitality of its people are very important.
The island is famous for its vibrant nightlife that makes it one of the greatest destinations for young men and women. Kinds of accommodation include luxury Skiathos hotels and villas to simple studios and rooms or organised campsites.
Skiathos town is the heart of the island, where all the Important events taking place. Here you find beautiful beaches, easily accessed by foot, very close to it. Although Skiathos town is the most populated region around the island, it is not the only one place which provides quality accommodation and amenities. Along the southern coast of Skiathos, you’ll discover small summer Skiathos hotels offering a selection of alternatives, based on your own preferences.
If you are on vacation with your family and you would prefer a calm atmosphere or together with your friends and searching for experiences, Skiathos is the best place for you! Also it is the right place for adventurers due to its mountainous terrain as well as the scenic shores of the northern side. For romantic people, skiathos has magnificent panoramic views in the hills up north as well from the old harbor of Skiathos town in which you can drink a glass of wine at the night bars on the waterfront just opposite of the Bourtzi Fortress.
Skiathos island is famous also for the history starting from the Pre-historic age and extending to the Classical, Byzantine and Venetian period. Nearly all the monuments of the island are Byzantine churches and monasteries. One of the most popular sights are the Bourtzi Fortress and the Medieval Castle of the Old Town
Aside from the historic monuments, even when you are on the island it is important to visit a number of beautiful natural sights, like the wetland of Koukounaries, the Sea caves and Lalaria, and the islet Tsougrias. The picture scene of these areas will make you to wish to remain on Skiathos eternally!
The northern side of the island is very quiet, and secluded, because it’s difficult to reach by car or bus. You can reach this place by small boats from Skiathos Town running regularly. Beautiful sandy beaches and many facilities, from accommodation, bars with sun loungers and restaurants you‘ll find there.
If you like diving you can meet more than 300 fish species in the Sporades group of islands, such as dolphins, swordfish, tuna and infrequent red corals. Also you can try horse riding or hiking at the well-defined walking paths in various areas around the island. As an alternative, you could take part in one of those daily tours organized by Skiathos old port. It‘s a good idea to visit Skopelos, Alonisos and the Marine Park or the Mama Mia tour around the places where the famous movie was filmed.
For visitors who prefer cultural events, you can find plenty of events in the summertime. The Papadiamantis house, in Skiathos town, is an example of the architecture of the island that you must see. If you would like to taste the Skiathos cuisine, you could visit many restaurants in Skiathos town with local specialties, freshly caught fish and international cousins.
Overall, this little island with the natural beauty, the vibrant nightlife and the friendly and hospitable residents may turn your vacations into an unforgettable experience.