Except for the Movie Mama Mia, Papadiamantis’ novels and the pine woods of the island, Skiathos is also renowned for its lovely beaches with golden and white sand and crystal blue waters, often awarded with blue flags. Nearly all the best beaches are in the south coast of the island, with the most famous, Koukounaries, being at the end of the main road. The northern shores are quite wilder and less sheltered as the ones in the southern area. However, another incredibly beautiful shore of Skiathos, Lalaria, is located north. It’s only accessed by ship, but if you visit it, you will feel as you’re in heaven.
Due to its proximity to Skiathos town Megali Ammos is a popular choice for every visitor to the island. Whether you are travelling with your family or you are a group of young people, you will like this beach since it is just a short walk to the facilities of Skiathos town. A variety of shops, restaurants and luxury Skiathos hotels you can find there.
For the water sports lovers, here you will find the most organized water sports school of the island. There are quite a few water sports schools on several beaches including Koukounaries, Banana, Troulos, Vromolimnos and Agia Paraskevi among others.