If you have plans to visit stunning sandy beaches in Europe this summer than it’s a good idea to visit Skiathos. The island with 44km coastline, and more than 60 beaches.

You can find a variety of well-organized beaches with bar, water sports, restaurants, sun beds, to quiet beaches that you can only visit by boat.
Beneath, you’ll find information about the 7 best beaches in Skiathos with advice about the best way to come up to them.

1. Koukounaries Beach

Koukounaries means in Greek language pine trees, so you can begin to envision the surrounding regions of the stretch of shoreline. This beautiful beach is one of the busiest beaches of the island with many facilities that you do.

Expanding in a couple of kilometers long, the shore has some of the greatest sand and swimming states around Skiathos. Together with its natural beauty, the shore is accompanied by a group of sun beds, water sports, bars, supermarkets and restaurants, making it a great place for all the ages.

You can go to Koukounaries Beach by boat, motorbikes, car, bus or taxi. The bus-stop is the last one so don’t worry, you‘ll never miss it.

Useful Tip

Get to the shore early, so you can get your choice of sun beds.

2. Troulos bay Beach

Troulos beach is a place that you must visit when you are in Skiathos island. This beautiful sandy beach is commonly wind-free. It has sun beds and untouched sand for lounging upon. In a short distance you can find several restaurants and bars to enjoy your drink or snack throughout your time in Troulos.
It is a good beach for families and people who like to have everything in the beach. You can reach this beach by bus, car, motorbike or boat from the old port of Skiathos town.

Useful Tip

You can rent a boat and visit the small island opposite this beach.

3. Elia beach

This beautiful beach is located on the northern side of the island, it is one of those lesser frequented beaches due to its less accessible nature, lower infrastructure and tendency to be windy.

But don’t let any of that discourage you. This beach is excellent for anybody wanting to relax and escape some of the hustle and bustle of this southern region of this island.

In this beach you‘ll find a beautiful tavern to enjoy Greed cousin.

It’s easy to go to Elia Beach, by car or taxi or motorbike.

Useful Tip

Ensure you take plenty of water and food along with you to the shore.

4. Lalaria beach

If you are looking for photos of Skiathos island you meet for sure this beautiful beach. From tiny pebbled shore to crystal-clear waters along with a naturally-formed stone archway, this shore is every traveler and photographer’s heaven.

Located on the north-eastern tip of Skiathos, the shore is often considered one of the most picturesque and unforgettable beaches to visit when you are in the island. In this beach you don’t find bars, restaurant sun beds, Skiathos hotels. It’s peace and quiet.

If you like to take stunning photos swim under the rock archway and get some photos for your Instagram account. You must visit this beach when you era in Skiathos.
You can reach this beach only by boat. Visit the old harbor, from Skiathos Town, and hunt a small boat which will takes you to Lalaria.

Useful Tip

try this beach in a no windy day, because it’s difficult to reach.

5. Diamandi Beach

Another stunning beach to see when you are in Skiathos is Diamandi Beach.
Situated on the Southern coast of this island, it is little, sandy and is the perfect place to stop on an excursion round the island. You’ll not meet sun beds, water sports bars, restaurants, but peace, beautiful beach with turquoise water and a small taverna serving local food.
This beach is best reached by ship which you can take from the old harbor.

Useful Tip
Be sure that you take with you all the necessary things.