The first important underwater exploration was conducted under the supervision of the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities and researched in many regions of the island: The old port of Skiathos town remarkable for its Venetian fortress called Burtzi, in Kehria region along with many others.

Byzantine jetties together with an ancient breakwater were uncovered in the area around the old port of Skiathos town not far from Skiathos hotels. This means that the old harbor coincides with the ancient one.

In the place of old harbor were also identified many parts of ceramic jars. The most important findings were two intact lamps of the 4th and 6th centuries, a marble section with an acanthus (Late Roman times) and two intact vessels of the late classical period. These findings were lifted from the marine basement area.

At the Tarsanades area, the divers found part of a shipwreck of late Roman times. In a region close to the old harbor of Skiathos town was also discovered a shipwreck from Byzantium transferring mostly roof tiles and parts of Byzantine jars. Another shipwreck of the late Roman age was discovered in Platania cove.