When coming to Skiathos it is important to remember that it has a lot more to offer than sunny summers, wonderful beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. It is also a famous destination for hiking. This is a must experience for everyone as the view from every point of the island is awe-inspiring and the trail presents its guests with such variety of picturesque landmarks, nature and adventure

First and foremost there are 25 mapped out trails, 197 kilometers in length with difficulty ranging from easy to medium-to- hard and the duration that vary from 1 to 6 hours.

Natural lovers would pass through fascinating natural vistas and be able to explore the entire island’s flora. Luckily Skiathos offers a guided tour on the most famous areas of the island. So, if you only have little time and want to see as much as possible, would be better to have a local guide show you the way. Plus, on any of the island’s many hiking trails there are available spots for a quick rest, photos or even a romantic picnic.

Whoever achieve to hike the 20 trails, will get the  » Wanderer`s Medal” from Skiathos hiking experts. Please write down the Hiking Codes on the routes. For this reason, a special book is at your disposal, the “Tourist and Hiking Guide of Skiathos”, with maps and informative markers on each trail. You can find this guide in bookstores or Skiathos hotels.

If you are interested in guided group hiking tours, you can find local knowledgeable guides, who will gladly uncover you all the treasures and the knowledge of the island.

Skiathos is a hiker’s paradise! Experience hiking on April, May, September and October in one of Greece’s most cosmopolitan islands, the evergreen Skiathos, in a natural environment filled with lush pine forests. So, come and experience Skiathos on foot!