The famous photographer and cinematographer was born in Vienna, August 29, 1912. He emigrated to the Netherlands in 1934 and from there arrived in London in 1935. He travelled around the world and captivated thousands of subjects with his affectionate eye and kind soul for more than seven decades.

In 60’s he visited Greece for the production of film Mikhalis, directed by John Ingram with original music by Mikis Theodorakis. This was a short- story film screened in Skiathos and the very first film ever screened in the island. « Mikhalis » was the reason that the famous photographer created a unique collection of black-and-white photographs with scenes from social events, everyday life, rural habits and greek traditions. Mostly taken in Skiathos and a few from his subsequent visits to Hydra and Athens. This collection is a treasure that captivated our past in a romantic and nostalgic view rather than a documentary archive.

The « Voyage in Greece » collection comprises of 48 original taken and developed by the great Wolf Suschitzky. The exhibition has been held until now by the Benaki Museum at the N. Hadjikyriakos-Ghika Gallery. It is expected to continue in Skiathos island, where you can visit and Skiathos Hotels Mystery.

Papadiamantis Museum