The international airport of Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis (IATA: JSI) is the only airport of the island of Skiathos, Greece. It is constructed in 1972. The passenger terminal control tower were built in 1988. An earthquake in 2001 closed this terminal and in 2002 a new one was built to arrange the continuously the growing number of passengers. In year 2019, as part of the Fraport Company, was reconstructed again and has 2 current terminals. Terminal 1 is for domestic flies, and terminal 2 is for international arrivals. This Airport doesn’t contain any jetways, and the passengers, before 2016 walked a short distance from the airplane to the terminal, now, an airport bus drive passengers the short distance. In the interior you find the Greek duty free shop with a wide selection of all well-known perfumes & cosmetics, tobacco products, spirits, Greek gourmet products, toys electronics, watches and accessories. You can also enjoy coffees, drinks and delicious snacks. Because of the small size, there is no smoking area inside the airport. The runway of Skiathos airport is capabile to accommodate aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 757-200. This runway is characterized ‘short and narrow near the sea. Due to the proximity to an adjacent public road this runway is very popular destination for planespotters. It offers the ability to legally experience landing approaches and takeoffs at very close range. At present, there are 2 domestic flights from Skiathos airport Athens and Thessaloniki. During the summer time is very busy and it has non-stop passenger flights scheduled to 29 destinations in 7 countries (United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Netherland, Sweden) . After Thomas Cook downfall the appeared and programmed Seasonal flies from Birmingham, London, and Manchester (begins May 2020) It is located outside from the town of Skiathos and it is accessible either from Skiathos town ring road or the coast road. You can find outside a taxi or many Skiathos hotels arrange the transfer by van. The telephone number of Skiathos airport is +302427029105, Fax: +302427024130