It is tiny yet perfect. Although, Skiathos has minute proportions, it is an exciting destination offering much more than 5 reasons to visit again and again, year after year.

1) Is it possible? More than 60 amazing sandy beaches in a 44 km (27 mi) coastline. It is practically one for every mood or preference. If you would rather be in a well-organized yet perfectly clean beach, you can choose between Koukounaries, Kanapitsa, Troulos, Agia Paraskevi, Vromolimnos. Are you in the mood of being alone in a remote place and just cherish the nature and the warm sun? Why don’t you visit Aselinos, Stigero, Kalamaki, Glyfoneri or Lalaria? Do you fancy a good party and dance or better swim to the beat? Then Big Banana is calling for you and your friends.

2) You will love the pretty Skiathos town with its endless alleys full of unique shops, bars, restaurants and the best luxury skiathos hotels too. The traditional architecture creates pictures that resemble a postcard. Small whitewashed houses with wooden windows and balconies and red tiled roofs are characteristic. The flowerpots with the colorful and aromatic flowers spray your memories with vivid colors and sensual perfumes.
Eating out is a delight, shopping is exclusive and drinking is fun!

3) Beautiful place, beautiful people, equals to memorable holidays. The locals are friendly and kind. You will have the opportunity to experience Greek hospitality and you will feel safe even at the late hours.

4) Skiathos is an ideal destination for a religious trip, as religion and faith are everywhere. Skiathians have impressed their Christianity throughout the island and over the centuries, building monasteries and churches of significant religious and architectural import. There are more than 50 churches and monasteries in this small island. The most remarkable monument is Evangelistria Monastery, an 18th century monument built on a hillside surrounded by trees. Another sacred monastery is Panagia Eikonistria or Kounistra built in 17th century after the miraculous appearance of Virgin Mary’s icon on a tree nearby. The Catholicon has remnants of really old frescoes. The monastery is located in a pine tree forest.

5) Skiathos offers new and exciting experiences in terms of natural attractions and physical activities. You may hike the lush mountains, cycle around the island or visit Lake Strofilia. At your most energetic days, join an entertaining water sport club and have some beach fun! But honestly, if resting is your priority, do it at Bourtzi islet or Kastro cliff and let your gaze wonder in the blue sky and sea