Savour Restaurant

Summer is near and we are delighted to announce our opening on 2nd May. We have been passionately operating Mystery Luxury Residence since 2015. Ensuring an elegant atmosphere and a comfortable luxurious accommodation has been all the team’s goal. By the end of each season, we have been founding ourselves happy for exceeding our expectations and making heartfelt friends. A constant practice of reviewing our skills has given us the way to improve and come closer to our guests’ needs and anticipations for holidays.
This year we are more excited than ever. With the same passion and devotion, we will introduce you to the best of Greek cuisine. Taste the best of Greece at our new restaurant. “Savor” is opening on 2nd May to present a modern version of delicious Greek traditional dishes. Our executive chef Panos Pentalios, although he has many years of kitchen experience under his belt, he is enjoying learning lots of new tricks and techniques and is loving the new challenge. His creative and innovative approach has helped to form an inventive menu. We cannot wait to see you all gathering around the pool and enjoying good food with friends and family.
“Laughter is brightest in the place where food is good”.