Skiathos Mystery honored with the Tourism Award 2016 for Architecture and Interior Design!

The award is in the category Bioclimatic architecture / integration landscape.

It is a great pleasure to be acknowledged for our effort to create a luxurious yet green hotel. We strongly believe in compatibility between luxury and ecology. Since, our hotel is a brand new construction, it was a challenge for us to apply all the latest developments in green technology and maintain local traditional architecture at the same time.

Skiathos Hotels Mystery is a complex of 10 self-indulging Suites built in a natural landscape of an Olive Garden at the top end of Skiathos town. All the Suites are spacious ranging from 50 to 75 square meteres. They all offer views to hotel’s garden and pool and also to the green surrounding mountains and the red tiled roofs of Skiathos town. As a result, although, Skiathos Mystery is close to the town centre, the guest enjoys only the relaxing and calming views of the surrounding nature.

The materials used for the construction were chosen after taking into account the local traditional architecture. So, stones were used for wall decoration which originated from the excavation of the land itself. The stone decoration is aligned with the remnants of an old quarry, located right next to Skiathos Mystery. The roofs were covered with red tiles following the local morphology.

A strong preference was given in wood and this natural material predominates indoors and outdoors. According to local typology, wooden balconies were made both at the front and the rear of each Suite, resulting in a airy and sunny residence. Apart from wood, marble from Pelio was also used for flooring and decoration.

Regarding the bioclimatic aspect of our building, we shall mention the basic principles in design and construction that lead to a hotel with minimal energy consumption.

Thermal insulation of the building envelope: the whole building is covered by a “shell” which protects it from temperature fluctuations. Solar heating system covering the needs in warm water of all our guests.

High performance windows Extra insulation in walls Energy-efficient lighting – LED lights. At night, security lighting is activated by photocells. Inventor air conditioners Last but not least, we apply a green policy in the daily operation of all departments. Recycling, using of non-toxic cleaning products, re-using of rain water, eco-friendly policy for laundry are some of our actions.