Skiathos is a very religious island with numerous churches and monasteries. The most important of all is the historical Monastery of Panagia Evangelistria, located just 4 km from Skiathos Hotels Mystery on a lush green slope.
Evangelistria Monastery is a 18th century monument. It played a key role in Greek Revolution in 1821, as it was a shelter for the revolutionaries and also ensured their financial support. The first Greek flag was weaved, blessed and raised here. The great heroes Kolokotronis, Miaoulis, Vlachavas, Nikotsaras swore the Oath of Freedom at Evangelistria Monastery.
The visitor has the unique opportunity tο admire preserved frescoes, old icons, rare manuscripts and books from 18th century. At the premises, there is also an exhibition of local products. While you are here, it is worth trying the wine produced by the monks. It is used for religious chores, but its production has increased over the years, so nowadays it is bottled and sold. According to Alexander Papadiamantis, this wine may relieve the sadness and worries of the world.