Each island in Greece has its own capital city, usually known as “Chora”. Exactly when you arrive in the port of Skiathos town, you discover the captivating elegance of this island. You will feel impressed by the romantic atmosphere of the peninsula of Bourtzi together with the fishing boats from the old harbor. Skiathos island includes a distinctive cosmopolitan personality intertwined in harmony with all the tourist attractions along with the wild beauty of the natural landscape.
The Skiathos town has 5000 inhabitants, but the amount of these population increases undoubtedly during the summertime when individuals that have origin from skiathos however have moved to larger cities for work, go back for the summertime. The most people of the island live in Skiathos town, and the remaining part of the island is hardly populated. The town is situated in the east area, and its geographic position gives a windless bay.
Making a walking tour in the small streets of Skiathos town is the perfect way to introduce you in the architecture and the way of living. The homes are small and beautiful, a mix of island architecture with many characteristics from the area of Mount Pelion, which overlooks the nearest mainland city, Volos. In Skiathos Town you find Papadiamantis home which functions as a museum, and some luxury Skiathos hotels. As you are wandering around the pebbled roads of the town, you have the opportunity to do your shopping. We recommend you avoid the use of car.
Aside from the Primary tourist attractions, like the Bourtzi fortress or even the castle, along with the vibrant nightlife, even when you see skiathos Town, you might also attend a number of the several cultural events that happen in the City in the summertime. It isn’t important if you do not speak Greek. These festivals are best for culture fans who wish to get familiar with the Greek literature, music and culture.