Lalaria beach

The infinite natural beauty of this beach is unbelievable. Lalaria can be the reason to visit Skiathos. The water is turquoise, the beach has only these unique white pebbles and rocky cliffs create a natural arch at the entrance of the beach. Lalaria is at the north part of the island. It is a remote beach that you can only reach by boat. Daily cruises are organized by many companies and small or big yachts leave the old port to come here, if the weather allows it and it is not windy.

Koukounaries and Lake Strofilia

Koukounaries is the most famous beach in Skiathos. It consists of golden sand and is almost 1 km long. It has been rated as the 3rd best beach in Mediterranean Sea. The surrounding environment is very special. There is a lush pine forest and Lake Strofilia, which is chosen by the migratory birds for resting during their journey. The area is totally protected and under Natura 2000.

Town centre and Bourtzi

The old town is stretched from the port up to two hills. The architecture of the area and the buildings, and Skiathos hotels are beautiful. Narrow alleys, little houses with red tiled roofs and beautiful small gardens create a picturesque scenic. The port is divided to the old and new by a green peninsula, the Bourtzi islet. In 13th century, a Venetian fortress was constructed in Bourtzi, so as to protect the town from pirates. Nowadays, visitors may see the remnants of it. The area offers an airy café bar with amazing views of the town and the sea. There is also an open air theatre, where many cultural events take place during summer.

Endless choices of beaches

There are more than 60 beaches to visit, all of them unique and beautiful. You would probably need a month to see them all, if you were elsewhere, but it is not the case in Skiathos! The distances are so small, that most of them are just a couple of kilometers apart. If we could suggest some, there is a must see list: Kolios, Troullos, Vromolimnos, Agia Paraskevi, Kanapitsa, Agia Eleni, Koukounaries and Megalos Aselinos. Beach bars, taverns, water sport facilities, sun beds and umbrellas are present in the vast majority to ensure your comfort.