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    If you have plans to visit stunning sandy beaches in Europe this summer than it’s a good idea to visit Skiathos. The island with 44km coastline, and more than 60 beaches.
    You can find a variety of well-organized beaches with bar, water sports, restaurants, sun beds, to quiet beaches that you can only visit by boat.
Beneath, you'll find information about the 7 best beaches in Skiathos with advice about the best way to come up to them.



1. Koukounaries Beach

    Koukounaries means in Greek language pine trees, so you can begin to envision the surrounding regions of the stretch of shoreline. This beautiful beach is one of the busiest beaches of the island with many facilities that you do.

    Expanding in a couple of kilometers long, the shore has some of the greatest sand and swimming states around Skiathos. Together with its natural beauty, the shore is accompanied by a group of sun beds, water sports, bars, supermarkets and restaurants, making it a great place for all the ages.
    You can go to Koukounaries Beach by boat, motorbikes, car, bus or taxi. The bus-stop is the last one so don’t worry, you‘ll never miss it.

    Useful Tip
    Get to the shore early, so you can get your choice of sun beds.


2. Troulos bay Beach

    Troulos beach is a place that you must visit when you are in Skiathos island. This beautiful sandy beach is commonly wind-free. It has sun beds and untouched sand for lounging upon. In a short distance you can find several restaurants and bars to enjoy your drink or snack throughout your time in Troulos.
    It is a good beach for families and people who like to have everything in the beach. You can reach this beach by bus, car, motorbike or boat from the old port of Skiathos town.

    Useful Tip
    You can rent a boat and visit the small island opposite this beach.


3. Elia beach

    This beautiful beach is located on the northern side of the island, it is one of those lesser frequented beaches due to its less accessible nature, lower infrastructure and tendency to be windy.
    But don't let any of that discourage you. This beach is excellent for anybody wanting to relax and escape some of the hustle and bustle of this southern region of this island.
    In this beach you‘ll find a beautiful tavern to enjoy Greed cousin.
    It’s easy to go to Elia Beach, by car or taxi or motorbike.

    Useful Tip
    Ensure you take plenty of water and food along with you to the shore.


4. Lalaria beach

    If you are looking for photos of Skiathos island you meet for sure this beautiful beach. From tiny pebbled shore to crystal-clear waters along with a naturally-formed stone archway, this shore is every traveler and photographer's heaven.
Located on the north-eastern tip of Skiathos, the shore is often considered one of the most picturesque and unforgettable beaches to visit when you are in the island. In this beach you don’t find bars, restaurant sun beds, Skiathos hotels. It’s peace and quiet.
    If you like to take stunning photos swim under the rock archway and get some photos for your Instagram account. You must visit this beach when you era in Skiathos.
    You can reach this beach only by boat. Visit the old harbor, from Skiathos Town, and hunt a small boat which will takes you to Lalaria.

    Useful Tip
    Try this beach in a no windy day, because it’s difficult to reach.


5. Diamandi Beach

    Another stunning beach to see when you are in Skiathos is Diamandi Beach.
    Situated on the Southern coast of this island, it is little, sandy and is the perfect place to stop on an excursion round the island. You’ll not meet sun beds, water sports bars, restaurants, but peace, beautiful beach with turquoise water and a small taverna serving local food.
    This beach is best reached by ship which you can take from the old harbor.

    Useful Tip
    Be sure that you take with you all the necessary things.

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    If you would like to visit Skiathos for vacations, you don't need to think about the time of the year you'll be there because the island is incredibly beautiful and it is always a good time to visit it.
    Unlike the famous Cyclades with the very hot and dry climate, Skiathos has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters.
Skiathos is a small Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea, east of the Mount Pelion, hence its climate and weather is very affected by the mountainous climate of the area.
    In summer, from June to mid-September, the island is hot and sunny with rare showers. The typical Temperature is around 30°C during the day, but it can easily exceed 37°C in the hottest period. In fact, the island is full of trees that make extreme heat bearable. Also all Skiathos hotels have air-conditioning system, so don’t worry about that. During the summertime, there is frequently a refreshing breeze which also makes your stay more pleasant. In June sometimes there can be some cool evenings, so it is better to bring a sweatshirt for the evening. A unique characteristic in the summer is the strong winds, the so-called Meltemia. All these are usual of the Aegean and you'll have to take them into consideration as regards clothing and boat trips, particularly if you are going to visit the island in July and August. If you enjoy sunbathing and desire a nice deep tan, then visiting Skiathos at the summer is the correct time for you.
    If you are eager to explore the island in Spring you will be excited by the captivating colors the blossoming flowers and the verdant mountainous sceneries. The weather is almost as warm as in summer time with the average temperature being approximately 17-20°C during the daytime. Despite the fact that the temperature is high enough to enjoy the sun without getting sunburn, the water is still quite cold to go swimming in contrast with the warm temperature of the sea at the start of autumn, especially in September.
    As for the rainfall is rare in the summer and occurs occasionally in the form of short showers and more rarely thunderstorms. The heaviest rainfall is more frequent from October to April and amounts to 101-200milimeters per year.
    The winter in Skiathos is peaceful. The weather on the island may not be ideal for swimming, but it is still mostly sunny apart from a few days of rain and strong storms. Sometimes it can even snow making an even more picturesque the landscape.



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  Each island in Greece has its own capital city, usually known as "Chora". Exactly when you arrive in the port of Skiathos town, you discover the captivating elegance of this island. You will feel impressed by the romantic atmosphere of the peninsula of Bourtzi together with the fishing boats from the old harbor. Skiathos island includes a distinctive cosmopolitan personality intertwined in harmony with all the tourist attractions along with the wild beauty of the natural landscape.
    The Skiathos town has 5000 inhabitants, but the amount of these population increases undoubtedly during the summertime when individuals that have origin from skiathos however have moved to larger cities for work, go back for the summertime. The most people of the island live in Skiathos town, and the remaining part of the island is hardly populated. The town is situated in the east area, and its geographic position gives a windless bay.
    Making a walking tour in the small streets of Skiathos town is the perfect way to introduce you in the architecture and the way of living. The homes are small and beautiful, a mix of island architecture with many characteristics from the area of Mount Pelion, which overlooks the nearest mainland city, Volos. In Skiathos Town you find Papadiamantis home which functions as a museum, and some luxury Skiathos hotels. As you are wandering around the pebbled roads of the town, you have the opportunity to do your shopping. We recommend you avoid the use of car.
    Aside from the Primary tourist attractions, like the Bourtzi fortress or even the castle, along with the vibrant nightlife, even when you see skiathos Town, you might also attend a number of the several cultural events that happen in the City in the summertime. It isn't important if you do not speak Greek. These festivals are best for culture fans who wish to get familiar with the Greek literature, music and culture.

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    Skiathos is among the very verdant Greek Islands, owes its green look everywhere to the trees placed over the island. But, the most characteristic of Skiathos Island is its own impressive coastline. There are over 60 beaches with white or blue crystal waters. Also the history of the island and the hospitality of its people are very important.
    The island is famous for its vibrant nightlife that makes it one of the greatest destinations for young men and women. Kinds of accommodation include luxury Skiathos hotels and villas to simple studios and rooms or organised campsites.
Skiathos town is the heart of the island, where all the Important events taking place. Here you find beautiful beaches, easily accessed by foot, very close to it. Although Skiathos town is the most populated region around the island, it is not the only one place which provides quality accommodation and amenities. Along the southern coast of Skiathos, you'll discover small summer Skiathos hotels offering a selection of alternatives, based on your own preferences.
    If you are on vacation with your family and you would prefer a calm atmosphere or together with your friends and searching for experiences, Skiathos is the best place for you! Also it is the right place for adventurers due to its mountainous terrain as well as the scenic shores of the northern side. For romantic people, skiathos has magnificent panoramic views in the hills up north as well from the old harbor of Skiathos town in which you can drink a glass of wine at the night bars on the waterfront just opposite of the Bourtzi Fortress.
Skiathos island is famous also for the history starting from the Pre-historic age and extending to the Classical, Byzantine and Venetian period. Nearly all the monuments of the island are Byzantine churches and monasteries. One of the most popular sights are the Bourtzi Fortress and the Medieval Castle of the Old Town
    Aside from the historic monuments, even when you are on the island it is important to visit a number of beautiful natural sights, like the wetland of Koukounaries, the Sea caves and Lalaria, and the islet Tsougrias. The picture scene of these areas will make you to wish to remain on Skiathos eternally!
    The northern side of the island is very quiet, and secluded, because it’s difficult to reach by car or bus. You can reach this place by small boats from Skiathos Town running regularly. Beautiful sandy beaches and many facilities, from accommodation, bars with sun loungers and restaurants you‘ll find there.
    If you like diving you can meet more than 300 fish species in the Sporades group of islands, such as dolphins, swordfish, tuna and infrequent red corals. Also you can try horse riding or hiking at the well-defined walking paths in various areas around the island. As an alternative, you could take part in one of those daily tours organized by Skiathos old port. It‘s a good idea to visit Skopelos, Alonisos and the Marine Park or the Mama Mia tour around the places where the famous movie was filmed.
    For visitors who prefer cultural events, you can find plenty of events in the summertime. The Papadiamantis house, in Skiathos town, is an example of the architecture of the island that you must see. If you would like to taste the Skiathos cuisine, you could visit many restaurants in Skiathos town with local specialties, freshly caught fish and international cousins.
    Overall, this little island with the natural beauty, the vibrant nightlife and the friendly and hospitable residents may turn your vacations into an unforgettable experience.

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Koukounaries Beach
Koukounaries is one of the best known and most popular beach in Skiathos. It has a reputation of one of the greatest beaches in Greece along with Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, Elafonissi in Chania, Porto Katsiki in Lefkada and also a few others. It is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters, perfect to relax with a cocktail in hand or enjoy water sports.

Vromolimnos Beach
Vromolimnos is a popular party beach full of young crowds. The beach is packed with beach bars, restaurants, cafes and luxurious Skiathos hotels. The perfect blue waters and soft golden sand welcome thousands of visitors to its unspoiled shores each year. Great for water skiing, diving and snokerlling.

Kolios Beach
Kolios is considered the most beautiful beach on the island. It is much quieter than almost every other beach on Skiathos, so it is ideal for those looking for a little more quiet. It has peaceful calm waves and shallow waters, ideal for families.

Kanapitsa used to be very touristic , but It is very tranquil place now, suitable for families with small chidrens. It is a good option for those seeking more alternatives places and activities. Visitors can find numerous wonderful beach front tavernas, cafes and a variety of hotels, studios and villas. Here also you can find day trips to other islands of Sporades.

Lalaria Beach
Lalaria is the most impressive beach. It is one of the places you must add to your sightseeing itinerary of Skiathos due to its unique and beauty. It is a pebbly beach, located in the northeast side of the island. One of the most remote beaches in Skiathos, without rental lounge chairs and unbrellas, so you will need to take supplies with you. If you are looking for the perfect swim, this is the place to be.