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  Vacations in Greece are correlated with idyllic sceneries on exquisite islands. But in Greece, one thing will also be memorable: the nightlife! Greeks likes to have fun and enjoy partying at night occasionally until early in the morning. Be ready to experience the very best parties and live music events on Skiathos! In this island you don’t meet only parties at clubs with buzzing dance songs. If you prefer quieter nights you‘ll find beach bars close to the beachfront with cocktails and soft music. Many Skiathos hotels have their own Pool Bars, where you can enjoy your drink.
If you like to party all night long, the regions where you can meet mostly young people dance inside and outdoor the bars are the Street on the eastern side of the harbor or the area near Papadiamantis Street and the Trion Ierarchon Square, in the Old Town. As most clubs in Greece don't open before midnight, we suggest you to go out quite late. You can begin your night with some drinks in bars at the waterfront with the marvelous view of the Bourtzi fortress along with the small, colorful fishing vessels. Later at night we recommend you go to the bars at the other side of the Skiathos town after the new port.
    A very famous region in the island, selected also by famous celebrities, is the bars at the old port, with all the cushions on the staircase, used for sitting and enjoying your drink at a relaxed, summertime! You must visit these bars as they've become among those typical destinations for a cocktail on Skiathos. The atmosphere is different from the remaining bars and nightclubs available on Skiathos, therefore it turns your drink into an unforgettable experience!
    For those of you that are cinephiles, you must go to the outdoor cinema of this island. You can watch your favorite films under the Greek starry summertime sky. If you're on intimate vacations, this can be a wonderful way to spend a beautiful evening with your partner. As an alternative, you might visit the art gallery and exhibition centre in the fortress of Bourtzi or the open air theater next to it where several concerts, festivals and other cultural events take place in the summertime.
    The bars and nightclubs on Skiathos play with all kinds of music including pop, rock, and mainstream, jazz. If you want Greek music it’s a good idea to visit "bouzoukia" where you can hear folk and Popular Greek music.

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    Greece is among the best destinations for food fans and people who want to taste quality Mediterranean foods with unique flavors. Typical of Greece's food culture is the regional specialties you can enjoy in almost every place you see, transforming your experience into an original gastronomic journey!
    In Skiathos there is something to enjoy for everybody. You can find a variety of restaurants both for your budget conscious and the gourmet lovers. Tasting the local cuisine is also a must as you will discover a lot of traditional products of Skiathos, carefully produced by the natives with the purest ingredients the nature of the island has to offer you.
    Skiathos is famous because of its Conventional macaroon biscuits, called'amygdalota' from the Greek word for almond, and its"spoon candies". They can be made of fruit, but in Sporades islands, they create it with almonds and they call it 'aspro', meaning white, due to the color of those blanched almonds used to make them.
    You must try Skiathos pies, especially the herb pie( in Greek hotopita).More products of Skiathos are the wine of the region known in the ancient days, homemade liqueurs, olives and honey. You can discover these products in traditional or health food stores around the island. Some of them you can find in shops in Skiathos hotels.
    If you are looking for lunch or dinner, walk across the old harbour of Skiathos and find one of the many restaurants available in this area serving continental cuisine along with traditional Greek meals. If you visit this island first time or even in Greece, you should certainly try the freshly caught fish served in approximately all these "tavernas". However, even in case that you've got a more cosmopolitan taste, there are various restaurants serving international dishes. It doesn’t matter what your preference is, you'll discover the appropriate place for you and you will feel as though your mouth is in heaven! Because Greek people love food, there are restaurants in almost any of the most well-known villages and beaches around the island. Thus, don't care if you're away from Skiathos town and the port.
    For something quick and deliciouse that will make you feel as complete as possible, you will find pizzerias and other fast food restaurants, but you should certainly taste the Greek"souvlaki" or"gyros", particularly if you are not knowledgeable about the Greek fast food at all. Both of them are made from meat pork or chicken and take street food to a different level!
    When visiting Skiathos, 1 thing is for certain: You won't go hungry!


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  The first organized underwater Exploration was held under the supervision of the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities and researched through regions such as the older port of Skiathos, notable for the Venetian fortress named Burtzi, Kehria region and many others.

    An ancient breakwater, together with a Byzantine jetty, were discovered, in the area around the ancient port, which precisely corresponds with the modern harbor of Skiathos near Skiathos hotels of the town.

    In the Tarsanades area, the divers found a part of a shipwreck of late Roman times, while near to the old harbor was additionally discovered a shipwreck by Byzantium carrying mostly roof tiles and portions of Byzantine jars.

    Another shipwreck of the late Roman age was discovered at Platania cove.

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On Skiathos you will see the Sea Caves, near Lalaria, the Strofilia Lake, close Koukounaries shore, which is unique wetland and very rare in Greek islands. The small islets around Skiathos, for example Tsougrias, will also be stunning.


Sea caves
There are just two caves near Lalaria beach, the Skotini cave and the blue cave The skotini (means dark) cave is a very narrow and very low cave which can be retrieved only by small boats.

Accessed only by ship. Virtually all people of Skiathos have a picture from Lalaria due to the sublime and wild beauty of this beach. There are daily cruises from the old port of town not far away from Skiathos hotels.

Strofilia Lake
It is a protected wetland with abundant fauna and flora. It's fairly rare to find wetlands on Greek islands and it is characteristic of the special tradition of Skiathos.

Opposite Skiathos island there's a group of small islands with Tsougrias being the most seen of them. There is a small snack bar on the side of the island which sell sandwiches and Refreshing drinks. Daily tours run from Skiathos Town and most visitors prefer These islands to get a nice swim in the turquoise shallow water and the tranquil atmosphere. If you’re visiting Tsougrias by your boat, be cautious with the Rocks nearby the shore, since they're not visible when the sea is rough.

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    Vassilias is very close to Megali Ammos, but it is far quieter and is surrounded by pine and olive trees which make it look like a hidden bay. The idyllic scenery together with the light sea breeze create a cooling and refreshing atmosphere, particularly when lying under the natural shade of the trees.
    The bay could be separated into two parts, the quieter and the busier one which offers waters sports cafes and tavernas. This dual character of the beach makes Vassilias a fantastic option for everybody. Here you will swim in crystal clear waters and take delight in the tranquility and privacy it offers. Nature lovers will adore the quiet and green environment and couples will enjoy romantic walks by the sea. The distance from Skiathos hotels of the town is about 4 km.
    Vassilias means king in Greek and is best destination for the queen and king inside each one of you!