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    If you want your holidays to be a more religious and live a Religious experience, then pay a visit to the monasteries of the island. They are strongly connected with the background of Skiathos island as well as the popular beliefs and celebrations of the locals.  



    The Agalianou region. It is the only active monastery. It is not far from Skiathos hotels of the town(about 4 Km) Here you have the unique opportunity tο admire preserved frescoes, old icons, rare manuscripts and books from 18th centuryAlso there is an exhibition of local products.



    It is in the west side of Skiathos island. There is a legend that a monk found the icon of the Virgin Mary hanging out of a tree and this is how the name"kounistra" (swinging) was originated. A useful information when seeing Monasteries: In order to enter the sites of the monasteries a descent outfit is required. Women need to wear long skirts and men long trousers.


Troulos beach skiathos mystery


    Troulos is truly picture perfect- imagine a beach with golden sand and turquoise blue crystal waters, honestly a great place to spend the day. It took its name by the tiny islet right opposite it which has the shape of a Christian Orthodox dome. The bay is family-friendly because of the crystal clear calm waters and the lifeguard staff who are on the beach on a daily basis .It is also well- developed about 9 kilometers southest of Skiathos with sun beds, umbrella s and wide variety of facilities to accommodate the needs of households with small children.

    This is one of the best known and well- organized beaches in Skiathos with a lot of restaurants, tavernas, snack bars just by the wave and a variety of Skiathos hotels. Here you can opt for a variety of water sports like a snorkeling and also you can rent motorboats to arrange trips into the smaller, beaches round the headlands that could not be accessed otherwise. Another attraction of Troulos beach is the pool bars with pools open to public, something that gives a luxurious feel and more fun to your holidays. For some reason the place is attracted by British people and their influence on the region is so intense that it sometimes looks like an English settlement!

    There is an incredible range of things to do in Troulos, for those who love adventure; there are well-defined walking trails to Aselinos shore or even to Mandraki area. But there's more for the bold swimmers, you could swim till the rocky cliffs of Troulonisi -- the islet opposite Troulos!



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       Megali Ammos in Greek language means large sand. The title “ Megali Ammos” is Indicative of this area as it's one of the largest beaches on the island, with space for everyone. Due to its location- the closest major beach to the town- it is attracted by both locals and tourists for a quieter and relaxing experience. It ‘s not far from the Skiathos hotels of the town. Adopt a greek attitude and have your lunch at one of those numerous'ouzeri' -- the places where ouzo and little bites of delicacies, known as'mezedes' are served. After going swimming to the crystal-clear waters of Megali ammos, enjoying a Greek traditional meal is by all means worthwhile!
     Keep in mind that Megali Ammos may get crowded and loud particularly in the high season, but it's undoubtedly worth a look. If you prefer some privacy and tranquility, you might have to visit this shore another moment.

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    Besides Skiathos town, Koukounaries is one of the few residential areas on the island. It is a small, picturesque area with distinctive beauty located near the pine forest from which it took its name. Koukounaries in Greek means pine trees. It is a lively place with hospitable people that leaves any visitor speechless with its striking natural beauty in every corner. It is a nice tourist resort that is overwhelmed by tourists during the summer season. The area is extremely developed with modern comforts and quite welcoming and its reputation as the best beach on Skiathos has led to the whole development of the region.
    Koukounaries is fully equipped and attracts tourists of all kinds. There are numerous cafes, bars, restaurants and tavernas, shops, mini market and a variety of Skiathos hotels. As the region is not very big, everything is at a convenient distance. Another huge asset is the savory Mediterranean cuisine. If you haven't tasted it yet, get ready for an unprecedented palatable experience. The area also offers international dishes, traditional delicacies and seafood.
    Koukounaries is a perfect destination whether you travel with family , friends or seek a romantic haven. It is well-organised and provides all kind of facilities and amenities. For the sporty travellers, there are water sports schools on the beach and no one should miss the chance to live the experience. We suggest you go scuba diving to explore the beautiful sea and share stunning pictures from your holidays in Greece with your friends.
Koukounaries are waiting for you to explore them and enjoy their natural beauty and the hospitality of the locals

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Kolios is one of the most beautiful beaches in Skiathos , famous for the sunsets and the staggering views. The origin of the name of the region is unknown, Greek speakers can't help but associate the name with a small fish named “kolios”. It is located on the south-eastern edge of the island, on the main road to koukounaries . It is around 6 km away from the city of Skiathos with famous Skiathos hotels, and almost 7 km from Skiathos airport.
Kolios has a special morphology which keeps the beach well-protected by the strong winds, therefore the sea is as calm as a millpond. Even when there are huge waves, Kolios is peaceful. This round- shaped organized sandy beach with exotic waters making it a great spot for sea sports.
The crystal clear turquoise water will be one of the most impressive things you will notice if you swim and this by itself can be one of your highlights of your trip to Skiathos.