papadiamandis house

The house where A.Papadiamantis was raised and passed away is open to the public as a folklore museum. It is located at the centre of Skiathos town just a few meters away from the port and closed to our skiathos hotels mystery.

The house was built by Papadiamantis father, who was a priest, in 1860. It is a two-storey house of 75 square meters. His big and very poor family lived there all together. Papadiamantis had 3 sisters and two brothers, one of whom died in young age. The author left his home for studies at the age of 14. Due to his great financial struggles, he had to discontinue his education several times and return to Skiathos. He finally returned in 1908 in poor health and died 3 years later in his favorite island.

All museum's displays are donated by the children of his married sister Ourania and his brother George. The visitors of the museum have the chance to see not only the architecture and furnishing of a typical 19th century house, but also they become familiar with the great work of the famous author. There is an exhibition of his books, old editions, original manuscripts and also an exhibition of his personal belongings, including his pen and inkwell. He has written with this pen 180 novels, which ironically were all published after his death.  

The museum has been declared as a historic monument in 1965, by the Ministry of Culture.

 koukounaries beach Skiathos-island


     Koukounaries is the most famous beach of Skiathos, rated 7th best in the world, 3rd in Mediterranean and best in Greece. It is located 13 km southwest to Skiathos Hotels Mystery. The approach is very convenient by bus and it is the terminal stop of the bus route starting from Skiathos town. The bus runs every 30 minutes. You may also arrive there by water taxi or the small excursions boats that leave from Skiathos port. Skiathos Mystery personnel will be more than happy to arrange and book your transport to Koukounaries with any mean you choose.
     Koukounaries is also known with the name "Chrisi Ammos", meaning Golden Sand, because it has fine- texture powder-like sand that sparkles underneath the sun. The beach is a long stretch of sand and the waters are crystal clear with low inclination, making it ideal for children to swim.
     The uniqueness of Koukounaries beach is related to the surrounding environment as well. Behind the beach is the famous pine trees forest. It extends in 145,000 square meters. The trees are reaching all the way to the shore offering generous shade. Moreover, Lake Strofilia is located in the same area with an extend of 95.000 square meters. The site has been declared totally protected nature and is under Natura 2000.
     Although you may enjoy unspoiled nature, Koukounaries is a very well organized beach. To the rear of the beach runs a wooden pathway with a selection of beach bars and little shops, where you can refresh yourself and find anything you will need for a day at the beach. There are also plenty of umbrellas and sun beds to relax.
Koukounaries offers a wide variety of water activities suitable not only for athletes, but for families and children as well. So, well equipped water schools with experienced and friendly staff will assist you with water skiing, banana, water rings, wind surfing, sea bike, kanoe kayak, scuba diving and many more.
     Last but not least, Koukounaries village is a short walk away from the beach. At the village, you may find quite a few restaurants, taverns and bars to end your day with a special dinner before returning to  Skiathos Mystery. Again, we will be delighted to help you organize your day at Koukounaries according to your preferences.


Skiathos is a very religious island with numerous churches and monasteries. The most important of all is the historical Monastery of Panagia Evangelistria, located just 4 km from Skiathos Hotels Mystery on a lush green slope.
Evangelistria Monastery is a 18th century monument. It played a key role in Greek Revolution in 1821, as it was a shelter for the revolutionaries and also ensured their financial support. The first Greek flag was weaved, blessed and raised here. The great heroes Kolokotronis, Miaoulis, Vlachavas, Nikotsaras swore the Oath of Freedom at Evangelistria Monastery.
The visitor has the unique opportunity tο admire preserved frescoes, old icons, rare manuscripts and books from 18th century. At the premises, there is also an exhibition of local products. While you are here, it is worth trying the wine produced by the monks. It is used for religious chores, but its production has increased over the years, so nowadays it is bottled and sold. According to Alexander Papadiamantis, this wine may relieve the sadness and worries of the world. 


We are proud to say that luxury goes along with ecology at our hotel. We are complying with green policies at every step from construction of the building to everyday operation. The architects and engineers implied all the modern environmentally friendly methods. Name it and we have it. To be more specific, there is a list of actions that proves our green consciousness.

  • Solar heating system
  • Green roofs
  • Collection of rain water to reuse on site
  • Grey-water recycling
  • Thermal insulation of the building envelope (shell)
  • High performance windows
  • Extra insulation in walls
  • Energy-efficient lighting - LED lights
  • Inventor air conditioners  
  • Recycling of plastic, paper, cans, ink cartridges, batteries, cooking oil
  • Non-toxic cleaning agents

It is our belief that by caring for ecology, we care for our guests more and deliver a healthier environment to them. In Skiathos Hotels Mystery we are open to any suggestions to improve ourselves in this field.