On Skiathos you will see the Sea Caves, near Lalaria, the Strofilia Lake, close Koukounaries shore, which is unique wetland and very rare in Greek islands. The small islets around Skiathos, for example Tsougrias, will also be stunning.
Sea caves

There are just two caves near Lalaria beach, the Skotini cave and the blue cave The skotini (means dark) cave is a very narrow and very low cave which can be retrieved only by small boats.


Accessed only by ship. Virtually all people of Skiathos have a picture from Lalaria due to the sublime and wild beauty of this beach. There are daily cruises from the old port of town not far away from Skiathos hotels.

Strofilia Lake

It is a protected wetland with abundant fauna and flora. It’s fairly rare to find wetlands on Greek islands and it is characteristic of the special tradition of Skiathos.


Opposite Skiathos island there’s a group of small islands with Tsougrias being the most seen of them. There is a small snack bar on the side of the island which sell sandwiches and Refreshing drinks. Daily tours run from Skiathos Town and most visitors prefer These islands to get a nice swim in the turquoise shallow water and the tranquil atmosphere. If you’re visiting Tsougrias by your boat, be cautious with the Rocks nearby the shore, since they’re not visible when the sea is rough.