Vacations in Greece are correlated with idyllic sceneries on exquisite islands. But in Greece, one thing will also be memorable: the nightlife! Greeks likes to have fun and enjoy partying at night occasionally until early in the morning. Be ready to experience the very best parties and live music events on Skiathos! In this island you don’t meet only parties at clubs with buzzing dance songs. If you prefer quieter nights you‘ll find beach bars close to the beachfront with cocktails and soft music. Many Skiathos hotels have their own Pool Bars, where you can enjoy your drink.
If you like to party all night long, the regions where you can meet mostly young people dance inside and outdoor the bars are the Street on the eastern side of the harbor or the area near Papadiamantis Street and the Trion Ierarchon Square, in the Old Town. As most clubs in Greece don’t open before midnight, we suggest you to go out quite late. You can begin your night with some drinks in bars at the waterfront with the marvelous view of the Bourtzi fortress along with the small, colorful fishing vessels. Later at night we recommend you go to the bars at the other side of the Skiathos town after the new port.
A very famous region in the island, selected also by famous celebrities, is the bars at the old port, with all the cushions on the staircase, used for sitting and enjoying your drink at a relaxed, summertime! You must visit these bars as they’ve become among those typical destinations for a cocktail on Skiathos. The atmosphere is different from the remaining bars and nightclubs available on Skiathos, therefore it turns your drink into an unforgettable experience!
For those of you that are cinephiles, you must go to the outdoor cinema of this island. You can watch your favorite films under the Greek starry summertime sky. If you’re on intimate vacations, this can be a wonderful way to spend a beautiful evening with your partner. As an alternative, you might visit the art gallery and exhibition centre in the fortress of Bourtzi or the open air theater next to it where several concerts, festivals and other cultural events take place in the summertime.
The bars and nightclubs on Skiathos play with all kinds of music including pop, rock, and mainstream, jazz. If you want Greek music it’s a good idea to visit « bouzoukia » where you can hear folk and Popular Greek music.