1) Quad Bike Hire

In Skiathos island the main way of transportation for tourist are the bus, taxi, and tour boats. If you want to feel more independent you can rent your own quad bike. Keep in mind that the island contains o lot of dirt roads, that vehicle, has a real advantage over cars and allow you to arrive to places like Mandraki that would visited only by boat.

The unexplored north coast has virgin coves like Nikotsara beach, that the tour boats tend to lose.

The rates to rent a quad bike vary according to the season, but you can get a low-powered quad bike for €45 for a single day in August, going down to €30 in the low season, with lower prices for multiple days. Some Skiathos hotels can arrange that.

2) Diving

The crystal clear waters off Skiathos island are ideal for diving, with a visibility of 30 metres or more and the sea temperatures more than 26°C from July to the middle of October.

Skiathos island has diving center for both beginners and advanced. For qualified people there are available organized excursions to caves and a wreck, and special night dives are also created. For beginners there are introductory courses that really help. If the candidates participate for a number of courses a PADI certification can be succeed.

3) Boat Tours

A very interesting experience in Skiathos island is the boat tours from Skiathos harbor. You can find different types of boats and tours. You can find traditional boats to modern yachts.

As well because the lineup of excursions to Tsougria and Skiathos’ arduous to succeed in beaches, there’s a variety of alternative boat tours obtainable from the harbour at Skiathos city.

A favorite boat trip is the Mamma Mia excursion! It‘s a themed cruise to Skopelos, the place which was a shooting location for the movie. You can also visit the small islands Tsougria and Arco with crystal clear waters. One interesting excursions at Skiathos is around the island by boat. That’s because a big number of 60 beaches have no access by car. You can swim and photograph whatever you can’t from the mainland. During the boat excursion, sometimes it’s possible enjoy the activities of sailing, snorkeling and taste a delicious and plentiful meal on the boat!