The archaelogical site of Kefala is sited near the bay of Xanemos, on the northeast side of the island of Skiathos. From 2009, the Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology of Thessaly University in collaboration with the 13th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture has been conducting a systematic survey of the area.

Their recent announcement revealed extremely important findings and suggest that Kefala was the first city that inhabited in Skiathos. Three buildings came up to light dated between 8 to 6th century BC. Moreover, there is evidence that this location had been inhabited since 10thcentury BC, according to pottery remnants in deeper layers dated to this period. The archaeologists also discovered a tomb, dated to the late 5th – early 4th centuryBC, which was about to crumble into the sea, implying the existence of the ancient city’s cemetery at this location. Kefala site seems to have been abandoned during the early Hellenistic period (3rd-2nd century BC.), when the residents gradually transferred and settled in the second city of the island, where the current town is.

The research continues from team of skiathos hotels mystery and is expected to shed more light on the ancient history of the place.