What to Do in Skiathos

What to Do in Skiathos

December 7, 2021 2022-02-08 9:00

What to Do in Skiathos

Visit Papadiamantis Museum

The house where A.Papadiamantis was raised and passed away is open to the public as a folklore museum. It is located at the centre of Skiathos town just a few meters away from the port and near to Skiathos hotels Mystery too. The house was built by Papadiamantis father, who was a priest, in 1860. It is a two-storey house of 75 square meters. His big and very poor family lived there all together. The visitors of the museum have the chance to see not only the architecture and furnishing of a typical 19th century house, but also they become familiar with the great work of the famous author. There is an exhibition of his books, old editions, original manuscripts and also an exhibition of his personal belongings, including his pen and inkwell. He has written with this pen 180 novels, which ironically were all published after his death.  The museum has been declared as a historic monument in 1965, by the Ministry of Culture.

Spend your day at the Beach

More than 60 amazing sandy beaches in a 44 km (27 mi) coastline. It is practically one for every mood or preference. If you would rather be in a well-organized yet perfectly clean beach, you can choose between Koukounaries, Kanapitsa, Troulos, Agia Paraskevi, Vromolimnos. Are you in the mood of being alone in a remote place and just cherish the nature and the warm sun? Why don’t you visit Aselinos, Stigero, Kalamaki, Glyfoneri or Lalaria?

Take a boat trip to Tsougria island

There is the most amazing beach on an uninhabited island, just a short sail over by boat from Skiathos old harbor.  The waters are amazing clear and shallow, ideal for children. The scenery is even more peaceful with the beautiful green nature behind.

Visit Monastery of Evagelistrias

Skiathos is a very religious island with numerous churches and monasteries. The most important of all is the historical Monastery of Panagia Evangelistria, located just 4 km from Skiathos Mystery on a lush green slope.
Evangelistria Monastery is a 18th century monument. It played a key role in Greek Revolution in 1821, as it was a shelter for the revolutionaries and also ensured their financial support. The first Greek flag was weaved, blessed and raised here. The visitor has the unique opportunity tο admire preserved frescoes, old icons, rare manuscripts and books from 18th century. At the premises, there is also an exhibition of local products. While you are here, it is worth trying the wine produced by the monks. It is used for religious chores, but its production has increased over the years, so nowadays it is bottled and sold. According to Alexander Papadiamantis, this wine may relieve the sadness and worries of the world. 

Wander around the old town

You will love the pretty Skiathos town with its endless alleys full of unique shops, bars and restaurants. The traditional architecture creates pictures that resemble a postcard. Small whitewashed houses with wooden windows and balconies and red tiled roofs are characteristic. The flowerpots with the colorful and aromatic flowers spray your memories with vivid colors and sensual perfumes. 
Eating out is a delight, shopping at Papadiamanti Street is exclusive and drinking is fun!


The Papadiamantis Intl .Airport is probably one of the most famous airports in Europe when it comes to planespotting. The runway threshold is right next to the public road. The scene when landing is amazing, and a visit to watch departing and landing planes is worth a visit in itself.

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