As the beauty of the Aegean sea should not be hidden from anyone coming to visit our island we are pleased to offer you also snorkeling excursions.
Unlike going along as a snorkeler on diving boats who usually visit sites not really fit for snorkeling, you can now go on excursions specifically designed for snorkeling.
* Snorkeling is something everyone can do with no special training *

Professional snorkeling guide will assist you, both on land and in the water. Before entering the water you will receive a thorough briefing about the equipment you will use, what you can expect to see and how to protect the marine life.

And just as for diving there is a very nice daily excursion for you to enjoy.
The excursion include 4 beaches accessible only by boat (Megas Gialos, Tsougria’s Lalaria, and Arco) where you will have a guided tour to enjoy the underwater life.
After the first dive in Megas Gialos and very nice beach we will go to the second diving site Lalaria beach. It is very common on the way to see dolphins so have your cameras with you and be ready. In Tsougria island you will enjoy a very nice shallow water lively depth and we will enjoy watching in their natural environment a lot of fish, octopuses and many shells. On the way to the third diving site you will be able to relax and enjoy a light meal and fresh juice on board. Finally we will move to the island of Arcos where you will have another guided tour. While enjoying fresh fruits offered on board we will then come back to the port of Skiathos. Many Skiathos hotels organize this excursion, so for more inormation pleae contact the front desk.