Starting the day right, with breakfast at Savour Restaurant. Enjoy cooked-to-order breakfast. Just order your eggs as you like them, poached, fried, on toast, scrambled or omelettes and savour the flavor.
Apart from hot cuisine with eggs, sausages and beans, many options are prepared on the spot according to your likings. Like a balanced breakfast of oat porridge and delicious fluffy pancakes. Your ideas of an ideal breakfast are always added in the menu, as our team is here to cook just for you.
If you believe that dessert is the most important meal of the day, what don’t you combined it with a wonderful breakfast? Enjoy our rich chocolate waffles and homemade cakes and have no regrets about it!
Also, freshly cut fruit and salads, natural Greek yogurt, your favourite cereals with a choice of full, skimmed, oat or soy milk, a selection of croissants, pastries and fruit juices are all there and of top quality.