If you want your holidays to be a more religious and live a Religious experience, then pay a visit to the monasteries of the island. They are strongly connected with the background of Skiathos island as well as the popular beliefs and celebrations of the locals.


The Agalianou region. It is the only active monastery. It is not far from Skiathos hotels of the town(about 4 Km) Here you have the unique opportunity tο admire preserved frescoes, old icons, rare manuscripts and books from 18th centuryAlso there is an exhibition of local products.


It is in the west side of Skiathos island. There is a legend that a monk found the icon of the Virgin Mary hanging out of a tree and this is how the name”kounistra” (swinging) was originated. A useful information when seeing Monasteries: In order to enter the sites of the monasteries a descent outfit is required. Women need to wear long skirts and men long trousers.