Skiathos is famous for its numerous beautiful beaches. The north part of the island is more remote and therefore more attractive to explore. Beaches worth visiting at the north are Krifi Ammos, Mandraki, Elia, Agkistros, Megalos and Mikros Aselinos, Ligaries and Kechria, as well as Lalaria, Lechouni - Nikotsara, Megas Gialos and Ksanemos. These beaches are unique, as they are totally unspoiled. The only disadvantage is that when it is windy, this part of the island is more affected, making it very difficult to swim. So, when the weather is not calm, it is better to avoid heading to the north. Otherwise, you may approach the area with your own vehicle, as public transport doesn’t do this route. Alternatively, it is a wonderful idea to visit these beaches as part of a daily sailing tour. Again, the weather needs to be favorable to do so.

A special mention to Agistros beach

This beach is a part of heaven. It is located at the northern part of the island. It is sandy with crystal clear and deep waters. Because of the deep waters and the lack of sun beds and other amenities, maybe it is not the best choice for families with young members. But the spectacular view of the sea, the amazing waters and the endless quietness are more than you can ask from a Greek island.
Its distance from the town centre is 15 km and the closest known beach is Elia. The walking path to the beach is about 2 km and it is a green route through the wonderful forest of Mandraki. Surely, is one of the best hiking routes in Skiathos. Alternatively, you can rent a motorbike and drive right down to the beach.
Many tourists though, prefer to reach the beach from the sea. There are many boats leaving the old harbor near luxury Skiathos hotels of the town every day that organize day trips to the remote north part of Skiathos.